2 tips for installing a built-in washbasin in the bathroom

Sinks are a common fixture in bathrooms and toilets these days. Whether in the home or in public places, installing a concealed washbasin in such a room remains a multidimensional task. The manoeuvre is a rigorous multi-step process that requires special attention to succeed. Find out in this article two tips on how to properly install a recessed sink in a bathroom.

Gathering the necessary tools

Installing a recessed sink in a bathroom requires the necessary hardware before any operational action. Thus, beware of tools such as tape of any colour except white, a glue gun, glue putty, a siphon, a spatula. In addition to these tools, you should also have a drill, a jigsaw, a pencil, a rag and so on. You can start to read more information here. When cutting, when the tape is placed on the precise surface to be sawn, it is possible to avoid splinters. The spatula and cloth are therefore used to clean up any glue that spills from the sink before it dries. The siphon is intended to provide drainage. That said, all of the tools mentioned above each have a specific role to play in the installation of the inset sink in your bathroom.

The essential steps to install the concealed washbasin in the bathroom

As you would expect, installing the sink in a bathroom seems to be a complex job. However, when the various steps of this exercise are understood, the application becomes easy. The first step is to gather all the necessary tools to complete the installation. After this step, locating the water inlets is the next phase. At this stage, it is recommended to carefully observe the directions of the hot and cold water. The first is to the right and the second to the left. This observation is essential because it will help you to know the exact place to make the hole in the sink. Afterwards, it is necessary to make a mark on the sink to identify the different manoeuvres for its installation and the location of the sealant. Apply this strong glue to the marked area for the use of the putty gun. Before installing the siphon, which will be the last phase of the installation, some important manoeuvres must be followed. Among other things, finally, place the sink, but before installing the taps, it is absolutely necessary to clean the residual glue. Finally, attach the tap to the basin and install the drainage system.