Everything for a better spring skiing for your child.

During spring break, many activities are organized to entertain and teach children new things. For this reason, many parents opt for skiing. However, many questions arise in the minds of parents who are concerned about their children’s enjoyment. This may be your case. This article will answer some of your questions.

How old do you have to be to enroll your child in ski lessons?

You can enroll your child in ski lessons from the age of 3. It also depends on the ESF’s capacities. For more information click on this link https://www.erowz.fi At this age, the slopes are designed so that children learn while having fun. A playful environment is created. When your child feels satisfied at the end of the course, he will be eager to come back another time. Gradually through repetition they learn and improve.

How to make the best choice of ski lessons for your children?

It all starts with the reservation. To register your child for ski lessons, the hostesses in charge of the reception will ask you several questions in order to have an idea of your child’s skiing level. The choice of the course to follow will be made according to the level of skiing of your child. For example, if your child is a beginner, he or she can start with the lowest level since there are several levels. It’s a bit like at school where you go from one class to another. Once the choice has been made, small groups will be formed to promote more fulfilling learning. Then to make a good choice of ski course is also to think about the hours of skiing. This will depend on the physical and moral health and age of your child. For the youngest, a half-day ski course is better. For the older ones, enduring and athletic, a whole day would not be suicidal.