How do I take good care of my cat?

Your cat not only needs your attention, but also daily care. If your cat’s hygiene is not up to scratch, it can develop certain diseases that can affect its health. However, you should ensure that your cat is bathed, fed, brushed and nails trimmed daily.

The regularity in his feeding

Like all other cats, yours should appreciate regularity. Most cats like to eat the same meal every day. That’s why you need to know what your cat enjoys eating. You should not impose your diet on your cat. Be considerate of your cat’s needs. Visit these sites for more information. If variety doesn’t suit him, avoid regular variation in his diet as this can upset him. He can easily get digestive problems and develop other diseases if you do this. When doing this, don’t do it abruptly, but go gently with him to get him used to the newness. For example, to switch from kibble to pate, mix the two at 50% to 50%. Over the course of a few days, you can gradually decrease the difference between the two brands and eventually give him the new one. In addition to these points, choose good quality products for his diet. Avoid using kibble or a food that is rich in GMO products.

His hygiene must be on point

. Whether her hair is short or long, you need to make sure it’s clean. Your cat needs your help to keep her hair clean. However, she should be bathed daily. He should not miss opportunities to be bathed. This way, your cat will not be at risk of developing skin diseases. You should also brush your cat every day. If he has short hair, brush him once a day and don’t overdo it so that he doesn’t shed. Conversely, brush your cat at least twice a day. Another thing not to be neglected is your cat’s nails. Your cat’s nails should be trimmed monthly by a veterinarian near you.