How do you wear the traditional Japanese Yukata?

The style of dress is part of the culture of a people. Thus, each people has its own specific dress style that expresses its identity. Japan also has traditional clothing, including the Yukata. But this outfit is worn in a specific way. How should the traditional Japanese Yukata be worn? In the rest of this article, you will find out how the Yukata should be worn.

What is the Yukata?

The Yukata is first of all a traditional Japanese garment. This garment is actually a bathing suit in Japanese culture. You can find out more about the Japanese style of dress at this link: This traditional Japanese garment can be used not only as loungewear, but also as pyjamas. It is possible to wear the Japanese traditional garment Yukata for several occasions. For example, you can wear it after or before taking a bath. Even when eating, you can wear the traditional Japanese Yukata. It is important to know that this garment is usually made of cotton. The Yukata is simply another type of Kimono that offers a very good comfort. Since it allows the wearer’s body to be completely covered. In fact, it is an outfit that can be worn without disturbing those around you.

Wearing the traditional Japanese Yukata

Being a traditional garment, the Yukata must be worn properly. But not everyone knows how to wear it. However, there are some simple steps to follow in order to wear the traditional Yukata garment properly. Indeed, you have the possibility to wear an underwear before putting on your Yukata. You simply put it on like a jacket. Then, fold the right side over your chest and do the same for the left side. But you have to keep the two folds together in order to put on the belt. This belt must go over the folds twice. You must make sure that the belt is fastened in front. You can get another person to help you with this. But the place of the belt varies according to gender. For men, it should be at hip level with the knots in the centre of your back. For women, the belt should remain above the hip.