How to change a kitchen faucet in a mobile home ?

The kitchen faucet in a mobile home can at some point start to get old. The washers may be old which will lead to constant water leakage. According to statistics, one water leak in a year can fill several shower tubs. To avoid this water waste and especially to avoid paying high water bills, you need to change the kitchen faucet in mobile home. By mastering the steps, you can do it easily. 

Get a new faucet and find the valves to cut

The kitchen faucet is leaking. Even though you turned it on tightly and correctly, it won’t stop dripping. It’s time to replace it. You have to go to a store to buy a new one of the same type. You can take a picture to show the shopkeeper. Buying the same faucet as the old one will allow you to easily install it and have the same distance between the faucet stems. Please see page for more information. 
Next you need to find and turn off the water supply. Open the old faucet and let the excess water run out. You must also find the valves and then cut them off. To do this, you need to turn the wrist of the faucet clockwise. You will find a typical plastic pipe. Remove it and replace it with flex pipe

Remove the nuts, screw on and test

Using your screwdriver, unscrew the nuts that hold the old faucet on. The plastic faucet has four notches. You must remove them in a counterclockwise motion. Once unscrewed, gently remove the old faucet. This is the most difficult step. Be patient and you will succeed. If not, you can call a plumber. 
If you succeed, please place the new faucet by screwing the nuts as you found them and especially by respecting the same direction. When you finish, please test if the faucet works. Don’t forget that you have previously turned off the main water supply. So open it before testing.