The best lawn care treatments

The lawn of a house is usually one of the places where children spend more time, because here they can play and jump at their leisure. However, in order for lawns to pose no health risk, they must be carefully managed and treated. Find out which are the best treatments for your lawn maintenance.

The best time to treat a lawn

The best time of year to maintain a lawn is after the intense heat of the summer months, that is, in the fall. At that time, the return of the rains and colder temperatures made it possible to carry out all types of soil maintenance work, namely the recovery and strengthening of a lawn. Keep in mind that in winter, the lawn can be dormant and be totally healthy with the onset of spring.

What are the best treatments for taking care of a lawn?

There are several precautions to take when maintaining a lawn, however, the most effective treatments are:

  •   Organic fertilizer treatments: The use of organic fertilizers allows the slow release of nitrogen compounds into the soil and this means that the grass does not have a burnt or brownish appearance in some parts. However, they should not be over-applied, as they make the garden lawn blue and the damage may be irreversible.
  •   Liquid Weed Killer Treatments: Controlling weed growth can cause very serious damage to the water supply and usually does not have effective results. In this sense, always use a liquid insecticide to kill weeds and as such you should spray it in the most problematic areas. If you can control the weeds immediately, the problem is easier to solve.

Make sure all insecticides used to kill weeds are labeled «safe for lawns ” otherwise you could have a much bigger problem than weeds.