What are the types herbivorous dinosaurs?

Ancestors of many animal species, dinosaurs are animals that continue to fascinate everyone, even after their disappearance. According to studies, there are three categories of dinosaurs. There are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The group of herbivorous dinosaurs still stands out from the other categories. In the following lines, we’ll take a look at some of them. 

The Diplodocus and the Stegosaurus

The Diplodocus is the most famous herbivorous dinosaur. Check out dinosaur-universe.com to learn more about these prehistoric species. The Diplodocus has four legs that allow it to move. This is important to note because other species of dinosaurs have four legs but only use two to move around. Its long neck allows it to access leaves that are high up. 

The Stegosaurus could measure up to ten meters long and five meters wide.  The back legs of this species of herbivorous dinosaur are longer than the front ones. It has veneers on its back and several spikes on its tail with which it defends itself. With these characteristics, it is easier to identify it among many other dinosaurs. Even though it is not so big, predators can’t kill it easily. 

Triceratops and Ankylosaurus

Triceratops also belongs to the category of herbivorous dinosaurs. It also has four legs. The back legs are more or less equal to the front legs. It reached up to six meters in height. These dinosaurs are not imposing enough. Looking at them, it is possible to take them as the ancestors of today’s rhinoceroses. They have several horns that they use to defend themselves against predators. 

Belonging to the sauropod family, Ankylosaurs have back armor. They were at most two meters high. They look like torture. These armors are not so different from a crocodile dermis.