What web hosting service should you choose to secure your site?

Are you a web entrepreneur? The security of your online business proves to be essential at the risk of losing everything in a short period of time. This is because malicious individuals will never fail to attack your sites to take possession of your assets. For this purpose, there are web hosting services available nowadays for every degree of risk. Do you want to know more about protection? Then read this article.

What are the different types of protection?

The more data increases on the internet, the more malicious individuals become active in attacking websites. Faced with this tragedy, Koddos, KODDOS, DDOS PROTECTED SERVER are excellent and effective for hosting your sites. Indeed, koddos is a top of the range hosting service that mitigates the attacks of malicious cyber activities in a formidable way. You can benefit from a wide variety of hosting packages. For example, there is the 10 to 350Gbps DDOS protection service package subscription. This service is available 24 hours a day. In addition, there is the dedicated server protection which is offered at $450 per month. Furthermore, you have the possibility to offer yourself a remote hosting service thanks to the KPROXY REMOTE DDOS PROTECTION option. To benefit from it, pay a sum of $140 / month to continue your digital activities with peace of mind.

What are the signs of a DDOS attack?

To realize what your site is under attack, you don’t always need an attack expert. You can notice it through certain signs. The most common ones are such as: website or server unavailable or unusually high incoming traffic volume. These are things you notice when you want to visit your site again after the attack. There is also the fact that you may have the web host or server suspended due to the attack. In addition, the third party attacking your site may extort money from you. Therefore, be aware that this is a DDOS attack.