Why change the kitchen faucet

The installation of faucets in homes, especially kitchen faucets, is of great importance. It is a plumbing work that requires maintenance and change in case of deterioration. There are several signs that can alert you to a need for repair of your kitchen faucet.

In case of: leaks, weaknesses

Regardless of the room in which the faucet is used, it is used every day and its operation can deteriorate. Before you face flooding or costly leaks, check the following points. Indeed, a leaky kitchen faucet, the leak may be at the bottom of the faucet, at the joint or at another part caused by a crack. The ink cartridge can also wear out. Every time it starts, it usually makes a lot of noise. To learn more, click on weblink

So, when the flow rate of the faucet is too low. This situation of the water flow is too low, will complicate the daily use. During the shower or washing dishes, the flow rate should be effective. Lime and lime are the main culprits in this case, which deteriorate the internal parts of the kitchen faucet, and should be disassembled and cleaned. If the scale is damaged, the whole faucet must be replaced. In case the faucet drips, you are called to exchange it. Indeed, a dripping faucet is a sign that it is already exhausted and will soon be saturated. In this case, it no longer functions effectively in terms of water tightness. Finally, if it is not changed quickly, it may stop working unexpectedly and this could have impact when changing it.

how to install a faucet

If your faucet is damaged, you can call a specialist (plumber). Otherwise, you can follow his instructions and do it yourself. To do this, first remove the old faucet, then turn off the water supply and perform the purge of cold and hot water to eliminate the water present. Next, disconnect the water supply pipe, taking care to remove the worn joints. Finally, remove the bung rod and nut that hold the assembly together and install the new faucet by connecting it to the water supply pipes.