Why check the validity of e-mail addresses?

As a user of email marketing for your business, or as a sender of emails for email addresses, you are likely already faced with the problem of wrong or wrong email addresses. For example, when you send an e-mail to an address, you will receive a return indicating that your message has been rejected. This should not be ignored at the risk of costing you dearly. Fortunately, it is now possible to verify the e-mail address, with remarkable advantages.

Increase the delivery rate

Checking the validity of email addresses can positively impact your email marketing campaigns. One of the advantages is the increased delivery rate. To learn more about email validation, go here. Indeed, email addresses are more easily deliverable because of the certainty as to their validity. What do you gain by taking all your time to create perfect electronic content and send it to tens, hundreds or even thousands of addresses that are really just fake or bad? However, when you do email address verification, you can rest assured that your emails will be received well.

Avoid violent shocks

An undelivered email isn’t just a waste of time. But is able to lead to frequent rebound difficulties. This is indeed the error content sent by the destination server in order to notify you of a problem or a malfunction. Thus, when too many hard bounces from a server reach you, you risk having your messages filtered by them which will turn them into spam. For this, checking the validity of email addresses is the best option to dodge such shocks. Other reasons to do this is to maintain your reputation. In fact, when your suppliers realize that you are sending too many emails to fake addresses, they can block you.