Wireless connection: Is your internet connection slow or is it a problem with the router?

Did you spend a whole minute looking at a screen that said “Loading»? Can’t watch an entire episode of a series without a break? Are you still complaining that your internet connection is slow? These are extremely common situations, which generate a lot of irritation and frustration.

Slow internet: access speed x transmission speed

If your internet connection is slow, it doesn’t make sense to immediately blame the provider or operator or think your plan doesn’t meet your needs. Indeed, the speed of the wireless connection through which you access the Internet on most devices is different from the speed of the Internet access, that is to say: the speed of the contract contracted. It is therefore important to check the performance of your router before modifying the Internet package. If your device is not connected directly to the modem, the internet speed will be determined, first of all, by the performance of the router but also by other factors such as the size of your home, physical barriers and the number of ‘connected devices.

How to improve the wireless connection in your home

Buy a Wi-Fi router that suits your needs. A quality router makes all the difference in wireless connection speed. So, purchasing a device that meets your needs is crucial.

  •   Install in a more strategic location: There are other factors that also have a major impact on the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, so it is important to choose a good location to install the router.
  •   Pay attention to connected devices: the more laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and other devices that use the Wi-Fi network, the greater the risk of unstable and slow connection without thread is high.
  •   Improve the Wi-Fi signal: One option is to install a signal repeater, a device that repeats the signal transmitted by the router and extends the coverage area.